Yet another Verizon attempt at dethroning iPhone!

Verizon has had a tough time in the past trying to introduce a phone that can compete with Apple’s iPhone. The issue is not Verizon’s lack of enthusiasm for their new competing phones or the advertising muscle they put behind each device. The main problem is with the phone manufacturers that still can’t produce a phone that can out shine iPhone. Of course we can’t really disregard Apple’s genius ad campaigns and unparalleled usability expertise that has made iPhone such a popular device.

So maybe Verizon should first make sure that their new phones are up to the task before trying to sell them to the public on the merit that they do 5 things that iPhone does not. If you notice no phone commercial, not even the Palm Pre, adequately displays the capabilities of the phones. They just mumble a bunch of nonsense that does not mean anything to the viewer and expect to out sell iPhone. The genius behind iPhone commercials is the fact that they show you how to do things with the phone that you can actually do in real life. None of the competitor phones have demonstrated that simple fact in their commercials even if the phone is capable of doing everything they claim it does.

I believe the battle of smart phones is going to rage on till Apple comes up with yet another revolutionary device and catch everyone off guard again. And then the industry yet again is left scratching their heads and figuring out a way to catch up.

By Sam Rooeintan

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