Typography Makes All The Difference | Promaneer’s New Logo

This week we completed the newly revamped logo for Promaneer, a consulting and management company for commercial real estate. Promaneer came to us with an average-looking logo that looked outdated and that didn’t assert itself. The client wanted to keep the logo icon more or less the same, and was interested in simply modernizing the design to match their progressive, quickly growing business. We took the existing icon, and accompanied it with a fresh, updated font that could compete in the market and make its mark. While the new logo is cut from the same cloth as the old one, it looks much cleaner and much more intentional. Our before (top) and after (bottom) logos for this project were quite fulfilling because the improvement is quite clear. It’s amazing what a huge difference quality fonts can make in a design. Great typography can make all the difference!

Promaneer Logo (before)

promaneer logo and branding design

Promaneer Logo (after) by Marstudio

promaneer logo and branding design

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