Custom Ink is a leading online t-shirt printing service with a passion for uniting people, whether it be neighbors, students, or coworkers, through group t-shirts and other clothing items. Custom Ink has done an excellent job maintaining their brand internally and externally. Employees, called Inkers, seem to live the “screen-printing lifestyle” supported by Custom Ink, while their logo embodies the Custom Ink values, most of which are related to exceptional customer service.

The Custom Ink logo consists of an octopus icon, the company name, and the tagline “Design T-shirts Online”. This is a strong logo because each component is recognizable when used independently. When used together, each component complements the whole. The bold, rounded typeface balances the heavy octopus icon. The dual color usage throughout the entire logo acts as a unifier and is also pleasing to the eye. The single orange ink droplet among the darker drops emphasizes the “custom” nature of their products, which allow users to stand out in a crowd by creating their own unique materials.


The icon itself is an especially important component of the logo because it has a story, making it more memorable. The octopus, who goes by the name of Inky, has become more than a mere icon and has developed into somewhat of a Custom Ink mascot. Inky is the embodiment of what owner Marc Katz wanted his company to represent: a warm chocolate chip cookie.

Superficially, the octopus is definitely not a cookie, but when you analyze the feelings associated with the icon and the sweet treat, the similarities are endless. A warm chocolate chip cookie evokes the idea of home comfort, warmth, and caring, all of which Marc Katz wanted to associate with his business and the type of customer service given by Custom Ink. The round background shape and Inky’s curvilinear form and smiling facial expression results in a warm, friendly, and approachable icon with character and personality.

Not only is there a great story behind Custom Ink’s icon, it is also backed by great design. The use of negative space to create the octopus makes the ink droplets between Inky’s legs more noticeable, which further solidifies the connection between the icon and the company’s services. The simplicity and clean-lined design of the icon allows for flexible usage on web, print, multimedia, and more. The icon will still be effective and recognizable in many different color and size applications.

custom ink color variations copy


Custom Ink’s logo is colorful, approachable, and fun, and ultimately a very powerful marketing and branding tool.

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