The Almighty Brand: A Marstudio Presentation

Recently Marstudio’s Vice President and Creative Director, Sam Rooeintan, had the opportunity to speak at the University of Maryland College Park campus to a group of graphic design students. In his presentation, titled The Almighty Brand, Sam lectured on the intersection of graphic design, the marketing industry, and the development of a brand. Sam also discussed the purpose of a graphic designer (beyond the job description) in the marketing industry, providing an insider’s perspective on creative work, commercial art, and client interactions.

Sam in Hallway

“People don’t know what a brand is or how to use it… The education process is very important.”

Sam Speech 10

“This is commercial art. You have to have a reason behind every move you make, and you must be able to explain those reasons in order to sell the concept.”

Sam Speech 22

“Always think about how you are going to change someone else’s life with design. This is what design is all about.”

Sam in Room Waling

“Think for the future, even when your client doesn’t.”

Interested in hearing the full presentation? Marstudio will be releasing a series of videos full of Sam’s insights and quote-worthy adages.

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