Vanilla Inc.’s Elegant New Logo is Only the Beginning

Vanilla Inc. is a new business who came to Marstudio in need of an original identity, lots of marketing collateral, and consulting on environmental design. The cornerstone of Vanilla’s new identity is the logo. It is both modern and elegant, with muted colors and minimal design. After many iterations including vanilla sticks and the vanilla flower, the concept was boiled down to a powerful icon: the simple illustrated flower at the top of the logo.

The icon is an important component of the logo because of its versatility; it can be easily incorporated into the brand on large and small scales. For example, the icon can act as seal or stamp on packaging and even be used to brand the actual dough of the desserts and pastries. The modern font chosen for “Vanilla” (the company name) plays nicely with the more traditional serif font of “Desserterie” (the company description).  The dotted rules hold the structure together.


As mentioned earlier, the primary brand colors are very muted, so we incorporated a bright blue and orange-cream as accents that allow us the option of a pop of color when needed.

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