LOGO OF THE MONTH // Arts Santa Monica

Arts Santa Monica is a contemporary art museum in Barcelona, located on the famous La Rambla. The building’s historic roots as a convent are contrasted with a large diagonal ramp that spreads across the face of the building. The ramp was designed by well-known architects Helio PiƱon and Albert Viaplana, and it is the inspiration behind the Museum’s new logo.


The uniquely styled condensed Titling Gothic typeface was designed by Mario Eskenazi, and it echos the tilt of the Museum’s ramp. The angle of the logo can be generated in 4 different configurations, thanks to Santi Grau who designed a program for this particular purpose. When used together, the four configurations create a mesmerizing pattern and help the logo achieve versatility both functionally and conceptually.


The same program can format any word in the style of the logo: a distinctively angled, condensed Tilting Gothic typeface. This allows for any word to be stylized accordingly and incorporated into the Museum’s identity.


Eskanazi created a strong, consistent identity for Arts Santa Monica that elicited the famous building without relying on a literal interpretation, like the silhouette of the building, which is more traditional. The result is a poignant, beautifully unconventional logo.

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