FirstTeam’s New Image-Driven Website

FirstTeam VIP was a newly conceived company when they engaged the Marstudio team. We worked together to develop a logo and corporate identity, as well as a few time sensitive print items. From there we began work on their brochure-based website.

The design is very clean and simple, dependent on high-impact images and reflective of the print collateral in circulation. The homepage and subpage banners rotate between 4 images, a new one appearing at random each time a page is refreshed. This keeps the site visually fresh at all times and also provides a broader range of images that cover all targeted demographics.

The transparencies allow the background images to show through and create a sense of depth. The modules funnel user to the areas of the website that we want them to visit. We can change each module’s content based on what is deemed important as the company grows.

The transparencies are also used on the subpages, as well as background textures that give the website a rich, luxurious look.


FirstTeam’s website gives the new company an established online presence, further strengthening their brand.

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