6 Rebranding Dos and Don’ts for Better Customer Engagement

Successful companies stay relevant because they evolve and innovate, and that includes staying on top of their branding strategy. And despite what a lot of companies seem to think, simply tweaking your logo and crossing your fingers just won’t cut it.

Even if a brand strategy was successful in the past, businesses are dynamic in nature. As your customers change with the times, it’s a smart move to change right along with them. Or if a competitor is taking a big bite out of your market share, a brand change may give you the edge you need to bite back.

Regardless of your reason to rebrand, there are a few dos and don’ts to follow to make sure you don’t pull a Gap, a Tropicana, or a SyFy (yipes!).

Rebranding Dos

1. Do update your entire brand, not just your logo.

A simple facelift isn’t enough to change perceptions about your company, not to mention advance your business goals. Build your rebranding strategy around the ways you will freshen and renew the value you offer to customers.

2. Do talk to your customers and partners before you get started.

Ask your customers and partners about your company’s strengths and weaknesses and their biggest needs and pain points. Use this feedback to create a strong value proposition, positioning strategy and messaging that speaks to your target audience.

3. Do communicate your new brand strategy continually.

One announcement about your new brand is not enough. Continue to share it via all your communication channels – email, social media, marketing collateral, etc. – and every time you talk to employees, customers, and partners.

Rebranding Don’ts

1. Don’t “fake it.”

This article from Brand Quarterly perfectly explains why: “A true and successful rebranding strategy is not ‘created’ – rather it is uncovered to reveal the truth about what the business or brand has become.” If you try to fake it and be something you’re not – even if that’s what market trends are saying – you’ll lose customers.

2. Don’t launch until you’re ready.

Train all of your employees so they know exactly what’s expected of them once the new brand launches. How should their messages to customers and partners change? Do they thoroughly understand the new products and services, pricing, packaging, etc.? If not, your rebrand could backfire – and you could lose numerous customers.

3. Don’t work with an agency that has zero brand strategy experience.

A rebrand can literally make or break the growth of your company. When interviewing agencies, ask to see other rebrands they’ve done – and find out what the experience of those companies was like. Do your due diligence upfront to ensure your new brand lives up to expectations.

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