Make Your Brand Stand Out with Unique Typeface Design

Top companies often commission a custom-designed font for their brands – think Kellogg’s cereal boxes, for example (Kellogg’s Sans font). An experienced graphic designer who understands your business strategy can create a new typeface or modify an existing font to help distinguish your brand.

Typeface Design Is an Extension Of Your Brand

A logo represents the idea of a brand; a typeface represents the brand name. One of our previous clients, Alstom, created a trademarked font called “Alstom.” It took a significant amount of time and money to complete an entire font suite that would support their brand across all print, web and multimedia collateral materials.

That’s an extreme case. Alstom is a French developer of integrated railway systems, and manufacturer of Acela trains. Their prominence in their field required a huge amount of effort to ensure they’d stand out from the competition.

However, companies with smaller budgets that come to Marstudio for branding and design deserve just as much consideration. Sometimes, we may purchase an existing font and then customize it for our client’s needs. In the customization process we can create small details – cut corners off to create an interesting angle, round edges or make other alterations – that mirror a logo or in other subtle ways add up to extending the brand look across all platforms. The final result is a completely transformed typeface that is unique to the client’s own brand.

How We Refreshed a Brand Name With New Typeface Design

This year, we were asked by Slim & Save, a top United Kingdom brand for weight-loss products, to give their logo an updated and refreshed look. Examining the logo, we realized that it incorporated a poorly executed typeface with inconsistencies, giving the logo a faded and dated feeling. We invested time in refining the typeface, which updated their look without throwing away a recognizable brand icon.


A Custom Typeface Helps Tell Your Brand Story

A well thought-out typeface can reflect the distinct spirit of your business, setting you apart from competition and enticing customers to explore your brand further. When you want your brand to rise above your competitors, hire a design and marketing company to incorporate details that make your brand memorable. A good designer can build your value proposition into a typeface that, along with your color palette and logo, visually tells your entire brand story.

Interested in setting your brand apart from the competition with unique typeface? Give us a call, we can design a custom font to distinguish your brand.

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