Marstudio Staying Ahead of the Curve

The iconic McDonald’s Big Mac has always had a cozy spot on the McDonald’s menu since its arrival, but it now has some new family members to keep it company for the time being. The restaurant’s recent promotion of their new, limited-time menu items, the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac, has caught the attention of the world of business, and Marstudio too. We always knew that the Big Mac is a burger for those with bigger appetites, so we developed our own Big Mac concept called the Lil’ Mac, which is clearly similar to the Mac Jr. The main difference between the two would be the marketing behind the concepts (check out Marstudio’s ideas here).

All in all, whether it is a Mac Jr. or a Lil’ Mac, Marstudio is proud to say that it was ahead of the curve and was able to think creatively and inventively enough to pitch a concept to McDonald’s just months before they released their own version of it. Of course it was already in development by the time we talked to them, so we are in no way taking credit, but happy to recognize that great marketing minds think alike.

We have found that many of the articles about the new sandwiches seem to focus on the Grand Mac – the bigger, beefier, and cheesier uncle (or father? maybe older sister?) of the Big Mac – and reminisce on the days of supersizing and the Super Size Me documentary. This has caused the smaller Mac Jr. be hidden in the shadow of the two bigger burgers. It is referred to as a good snack-sized alternative to the Big Mac, but Marstudio saw it as much more than that.

Staying ahead of the curve is what has made Marstudio successful, and continues to help us grow as a company. We are proud to say our innovation and thinking can match that of a company like McDonald’s, and every day we strive to bring new ideas like the Lil’ Mac into the world, and into fruition for companies of all sizes, from startups to mid-size companies and Fortune 500s.

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