Eastern Title & Settlement

Who Is Eastern Title & Settlement?

Eastern Title & Settlement is a commercial title insurance company. They work with both residential and commercial purchase agreements, land title transactions, and title insurance services.

Eastern Title & Settlement’s Challenge

Easter Title & Settlement had a strong presence in the community they served, but their efforts weren’t focused enough to truly expand their reach.

Marstudio’s Solution

We started with implementing a full brand refresh to help refocus the company’s marketing efforts. Then, we applied this new branding to several types of collateral such as business cards and promotional flyers. We also refreshed the design of their website, business cards, and various trade show material. We even launched a social media campaign, creating videos for Eastern Title to post across their various social media platforms.

With their branding and collateral unified, their reach was able to expand. Eastern Title & Settlement was then able to establish an even stronger presence in their market, asserting their place as industry leaders.



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