Ace of Events

Who Is Ace of Events?

Ace of Events is a team of event planners with a knack for creating extravagant, tradtional Indian weddings and grandiose corporate events.

Ace of Events’ Challenge

Although Ace of Events was known for creating elaborate events for their clients, their printed material and website didn’t accurately represent their capabilities. They needed designs for both that would accurately reflect the creativity and scale of their work.

Marstudio’s Solution

Marstudio embarked on a mission to redesign Ace of Events’ print collateral, breathing new life into their brand. First, we introduced some much-needed color into their black and white brand. By injecting vibrant colors and personality into their brand, we were able to make their collateral stand out.

For their website, we employed a similar tactic, introducing vibrant swatches of color into their visuals. We also added more personality to their content, fine-tuning the language on their website so it became a better reflection of their business.

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