#MarsTrendBite: Beer Packaging Gets Arts and Crafty

by Marstudio Inc.

The landscape of the beer and liquor industry is ever evolving. New breweries and unique distilleries are being created across the country, with a large number of them hoping to tap into the craft beer movement. If you ask any fan of a good IPA,[…]

How to Choose the Best Color for Your Brand

by Sam R.

Choosing a brand color can go in many directions. You can play it safe, or blow it out of the water. Ultimately, though, a business is about promoting and selling goods and services to customers. A brand is about the marketplace.[…]

The Risk of Activism Marketing

by Marstudio Inc.

As cringe-worthy as it might sound, activism is all the rage right now. It has an influence on the hottest fashion, regularly floods social media, and has made regular citizens into celebrities as if it were the 1960s all over again.[…]

Introducing the MARS EYE NO

by Marstudio Inc.

Marstudio is bringing tomorrow’s future of technology to you – yesterday. How, you might ask? With the innovative, creative, futuristic platform that is the MARS EYE NO.

P.S. Happy April Fools Day 2017! Want to create something similar to this?[…]

The Rise of Activism Marketing

by Annie K.

From the award show speeches to Nike commercials, colorless Skittles, and businesses closing for the day, there is one thing we cannot deny about 2017 – activism is in.[…]

Less Is More: Using Minimalism To Break Through Online Clutter

by Sam R.

There are more than 1.1 billion websites across the world today, according to Internet Live Stats. That’s a lot of marketing. Consider how effective minimalism could be in cutting through that confusion. With a clean visual, bright colors,[…]

What It Takes to Design an Office Space that Shows, Not Tells

by Marstudio Inc.

“Why not dream big?”

We help our clients dream big every day, so when we began designing our new space in Rockville Town Center, we took that question to heart. Our state-of-the-art facility has a personality that you can feel when you walk in the door.[…]

The Making of “A Spring in South Langland” Book Cover

by Sam R.

Even though we have all heard the expression “don’t judge a book by its cover,” we were smart enough to know that everyone does anyway. With this knowledge in hand, we knew what our first step was when author Barry Thomas came to us looking to give his book A Spring in South Langland new life.[…]

Marstudio Staying Ahead of the Curve

by Marstudio Inc.

The iconic McDonald’s Big Mac has always had a cozy spot on the McDonald’s menu since its arrival, but it now has some new family members to keep it company for the time being. The restaurant’s recent promotion of their new,[…]