LOGO OF THE WEEK // Mareiner Holz Identity Re-design

Great branding can really take your breath away. This week’s best logo comes all the way from Vienna, Austria and is absolutely stunning. Moodley Brand Identity has done some great work, but our favorite piece of theirs is a recent rebrand of Mareiner Holz, a leading wood processor in Central Europe. We first came across the brand on Behance and it encompasses everything that a strong brand should be.


This is a great example of how a simple logo can be expanded into a whole host of branding materials, and through the project, it’s very easy to see how a complete brand is born. All of Mareiner Holz’s printed materials have a very specific feel and together the form a cohesive unit. So why do we like this branding so much and what do we like about it?

1. Simplicity

It is clean, crisp, and simple while still catching the eye. The typography and color is all very straightforward, but it is so well done that it stands out.

2. Process

It is clear from looking through the Behance page for this project that everything was very carefully considered and attention to detail was of the utmost importance. Process is just as important as the end result, and a strong process has the tendency to yield much stronger work.

3. Concept

Moodley took Mareiner Holz’s existing logo and updated it (so technically this project was a brand refresh). The logo, itself, is very simple but the way they chose to extend the brand is brilliant. They used wood texture (see back of business cards) and beautiful macro images of the actual wood they use. The entire campaign is soothing, it looks established, and gives off a trustworthy vibe. The company is focused on “100% natural beauty” and this definitely shows in their new branding. The woodpecker was chosen as the company’s mascot because he is the whimsical representative of the agile outdoorsmen, and he also allows their personality to show.

4. Consideration of the Audience

This logo and all of its branding feels like a hot cup of tea after a hard day’s work. It’s evident that the designers took careful consideration of the company’s audience throughout their design process. There is just as much precision, warmth, and attention to detail in the designs as there is in the products they’re selling. Any outdoorsman will have a healthy appreciation for the craftsmanship of these products, and also for the quality of the brand that represents them.

5. Presentation

Part of the reason this identity grabs attention is that it is so well presented. The corporate collateral, business cards, and brochure are actually nothing particularly special. But their execution is impeccable and the way everything was photographed is actually part of the branding, as well. Creating an environment of wood scraps, tools and wooden tables to showcase the design work is a genius way to hint at the kind of work the company does, and it adds to the ambiance of the overall brand. So well done.

 Click here to view the entire Mareiner Holz branding campaign on Behance.

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