MARSTUDIO UPDATE // Potomac Physicians Associates’ Colorful New Branding

Potomac Physicians Associates’ colorful new branding is complete! After much deliberation, we have delivered what we think is a very cool, unique new logo design to our client, PPA. Here at Marstudio, we had explored countless options for this new brand and ultimately, came full circle. The logo you see here (right) was one of our initial concepts and it proves that sometimes your first ideas are your best. At first glance, the logo seems quite abstract but the symbolism within the shapes is actually quite significant. The physicians at PPA, a well-known and reputable medical practice with 4 offices in Montgomery county, were asked to sum up their practice in just a few words. The results were words like diversity, community, unity, thorough, holistic, and health. We took these concepts and rolled them all into one symbolic icon that would represent their practice in the best way possible. Our hope is that their patients will be able to relate to these ideas and will be even more confident walking in to PPA offices now that their visual presence is so much stronger and more inviting. This colorful, happy and fresh logo embodies everything that PPA stands for and we are very excited to start expanding their brand to its fullest potential.

Below is PPA’s old logo (left), which is very traditional and sterile. The fonts are outdated and it is quite straightforward. As you can see, the old and new logos are drastically different. We went outside of the box with the new brand and it’s taken their business in a whole new direction. With our help, they will now seem just as current, professional, caring and established on the outside as they do on the inside. Reflecting on the before and after of this project is quite fulfilling because it has come a long way from the logo they have been using, which is just another reason that we love what we do.

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