LOGO OF THE WEEK // Museum of London

Our logo this week comes from a collection of logos sent to us by a friend of Marstudio’s. The compilation is of 30 different logos that all have some sort of hidden meaning when you look more closely, and we chose our favorite to highlight as the logo of the week. The Museum of London’s brand is super colorful and unique. We’ve never really seen anything quite like it. The color palette is an interesting one and its unusual, organic shape makes it a one of a kind. If you don’t know that there is hidden symbolism behind this logo design, it’s still a cool logo. If you DO know the hidden meaning, it becomes not only cool, but pretty super awesome.

While the overlapping shapes and colors may appear random at first, this logo actually represents the geographical area of London and its neighborhoods as they grew outwards over time. Mind=blown! This is such a cool concept that strengthens the brand and identity of the Museum of London even more. Now this is a logo they can be really proud of!

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