Harry’s is the latest entrepreneurial venture of Warby Parker co-founder Jeffrey Raider, and ultimately is a response to the overpriced razors offered by industry leaders. With Harry’s, Mr. Raider was able to vertically integrate the design, manufacturing, and distribution processes of the company, resulting in the production of a high-quality product that can be offered at a lower price than competitors like Gillette.


The Harry’s brand is likable. Supported by a “for the people” cause, an underdog position, community service partners, and a strong identity, Harry’s is the perfect combination of entrepreneurial spirit and social activism that Americans love. Harry’s also offers a little something for designers: a pleasing modern twist to classic design. While the razor design is meant to resemble vintage tool handles, the brand colors and corporate identity take the otherwise outdated “vintage” product design and give it a sophisticated welcome to the 21st century.


The font-based logo is simple and recognizable, and the logo mark is unconventional and intriguing. The use of the wooly mammoth as part of the brand’s identity adds a touch of humor.


Harry’s has also impressed with the application of their brand, which has been brought to physical reality in their “neighborhood barbershop” flagship store in New York.

harrys corner shop1

The Harry’s corporate identity is a nice balance between good old-fashioned, no-nonsense design and a bit of friendly playfulness.

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