Why Corporate Photography Should Be Included in Your Marketing Budget

As a business owner, you probably allocate parts of your marketing budget to design and content creation, but are you investing in the professional photography services that can set your brand apart?

As a creative agency that works with companies across many industries, we can never stress enough the benefits of professional photography to our clients. Although it can be a large investment, using professional photography provides immediate ROI and positions your brand in its very best light.

Let’s take a look at how working with a photography pro benefits your business, as well as how to get the most marketing bang for your photography buck.

Benefits of Using a Professional Photographer for Your Business

Thanks to readily available cameras on smartphones and tablets, everyone is an amateur photographer these days. So, why aren’t the candid shots you share on Facebook enough to build your brand?

While sharing customer photos and other casual pictures on social media can be part of your marketing strategy, it’s no substitute for polished, high-end images. Have you ever gotten a good laugh from a low-budget local TV ad? Then you know how crucial elements like staging and lighting are when showcasing a brand.

Your customers will notice when you take the time and effort to present your business professionally and with good taste and style. Let your products command their attention without the distraction of poorly executed photography.

Our society is a visual one – we are accustomed to being sold items on TV, in magazines, on billboards and online. High-end marketing design, including excellent photography, is essential to capturing the attention of a target market that is faced with thousands of advertising messages each day.

The photos featured in ad campaigns are often the very first impression of your products that customers will ever see. Invest in that first impression with polished photography, and watch your customer base grow.

Tips for Getting More from Your Professional Photography Budget

Outstanding photography comes with a price, but coupled with smart marketing design, it can make or break the polished image of a business. Here are some tips for squeezing all the value you can out of your photography budget.

Set aside part of your marketing budget specifically for ongoing photography services, rather than waiting for the need to arise. Take time to forecast the approximate numbers of new products that will be released in the coming year so you can plan your advertising budget accordingly. Additional photo opportunities, such as new equipment used, new staff members, new facilities, etc., should also be factored in ahead of time for effective planning.

Planning ahead will help you lay out the budget for photography as well as coordinate the best time of the year to group together the photo sessions, which will save you money. A large portion of the cost for professional photography goes to traveling to a location, extensive setting up of equipment, discussing the shots needed, setting up lighting, etc. Grouping more shots into fewer sessions will help you to avoid unnecessary costs.

When the date of the photo session arrives, come prepared with the following information:

• Number of images needed
• Style you are seeking
• Angles you’ll want to showcase
• Overall “feel” you want to convey
• How photos will be used (print, website, etc.)

On that note, plan ahead for a number of ways you can use the photos to promote your business. Just as you repurpose content from your blog to your newsletters and social media channels, you can repurpose photography to get more for your money.

For example, add personality and originality to your blog posts, newsletters, and other collateral by using your own professional photography instead of cookie-cutter stock photos. Mix in a few polished shots with your regular social media photos to maintain the professional look of your brand. And, rotate the images on your website’s home page to add visual interest and to keep your site from looking dated.

When trying to convey a specific message to your target audience, sometimes pictures speak a thousand words. Make sure your corporate photos are saying exactly what you want by investing in professional photography.

At Marstudio, our talented Corporate Film & Photography Department has the space and the equipment for all your professional photography needs. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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