Google’s New Logo Adds Form to Function

There’s a lot going on over at the Google headquarters these days. After a massive restructuring to come up with the new parent company name, Alphabet, Google also unveiled a clean new logo design this week.

As a company that initially focused on providing much-needed functionality, Google’s increasing focus on form in recent years has finally been reflected in their overall branding.

Logo changes aren’t anything new for the search engine giant—they’ve gone through several iterations since the company first began as a research project in 1996. The latest update is the most significant font change, from a serif to a sans serif, providing brand cohesion with their parent company Alphabet, Inc.

Alphabet Inc. Logo Google parent company

While we don’t recommend changing your logo every few years, we do commend the way Google approaches their redesigns. They maintain the logo’s look and feel—its colors and layout—but with adjustments to the font style.

This approach helps them maintain brand recognition, while keeping pace with current design trends. The new logo will scale better across various sizes, and is more flexible to be applied across Google’s various services.

Read what Google has to say about the evolution of their logo.

Also, did anyone else notice a slight similarity between Google’s new “G” and the universal power symbol?

Google logo favicon like universal power symbol

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