Kendall Capital

Who is Kendall Capital?

Kendall Capital is a force to be reckoned with within the fiduciary investment market. They are a wealth management firm who provides fiduciary planning and investment management services to those in the middle-class, helping them grow their wealth.

Kendall Capital’s Challenge

When Kendall Capital first contacted Marstudio they were well known within the fiduciary investment branch, but their overall look didn’t reflect their strong, capable business. They had many different methods of outreach, between YouTube videos, Facebook, and their website, but their efforts were all disjointed and their branding across platforms wasn’t unified. They needed a strong, unified approach.

Marstudio’s Solution

Marstudio retooled their collateral, marketing material, and sales tools to ensure that whenever they reached out to their customer base, they would appear as a leading authority in the field.

Additionally, we helped advertise the company head, Clark Kendall’s, new book. For Kendall’s book, we created new ads, wrote in targeted language, and created graphics for said advertisements.

Across the board, we shifted their messaging from being focused merely on their services to being customer focused instead. We applied this customer focused messaging through text changes and visual design.

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