Ray-Ban: Rebranding For Another 75 Years of Success

What is the key to a strong, everlasting brand? It’s simple! REBRANDING.

Large corporate companies that have effectively and regularly adapted their brands to current social and cultural trends are proven to continue their success for years to come. We recently found an article that highlights Ray-Ban’s tips for creating unshakeable, unbeatable branding on inspirationfeed.com. Going strong since 1937 (now 75 years), Ray-Ban has learned to create an iconic, malleable brand for their universal sunglasses that can be worn by people of any age, race, or gender.

Here are some lessons we’ve learned from Ray-Ban’s branding experience:


Ray-Ban, and many other brand giants, are known for staying up-to-date and revamping their brands regularly in order to stay “cool.” Companies who look “so last year” and who choose not to adapt to our ever-evolving pop culture tend to fall behind. If you really want people to be interested in you and your business, especially young people, you absolutely must look like you’re on top of things.


Always integrate an arresting image that will have every passerby doing a double take. But still incorporate the history of your brand in every design in order to preserve your original identity and stay true to your brand. For instance, in last year’s 2012 ‘Legends Communication Campaign’, Ray-Ban “featured personal profiles of consumer archetypes from all of the seven decades of existence.” Below is one of their eye-catching poster designs that filled the streets of New York City.


If you truly want to understand your consumers, listen. Give them what they want, and make it easily accessible. Do your research and take what your consumers say to heart. Ray-Ban has made their purchasing process super simple, and they’ve recently added a virtual “mirror”  functionality to their website. Author of the Inspiration Feed article, Simon Andras says, “It is about communicating with your audience in the way that they communicate with each other.”


When you hear the name “Ray-Ban,” you automatically think of sunglasses. Because of the brand’s success at creating a universal appeal, it has essentially fused with the actual product and has become synonymous with it. This phenomenon can only strengthen a brand and allows it to monopolize its market (similar to calling a tissue a “Kleenex” regardless of the tissue’s actual brand).


Particularly online. “Be” everywhere that your consumers or clients are sure to look for you. Keep your social media and blogs up to date and participate in as many online platforms as you can.

Celebrating their 75 years of success this year, Ray-Ban created this awesome poster design (shown below), which combines hints of their brand history, their sunglasses, logo, creativity, and several other illustrations that unite several past trends since the brand’s birth. They have created a poster that makes an impression, is memorable, easy to read, and original. The message “Never Hide” is strong, universal, and positive and its speaks to everyone at any point in history. Bravo to Ray-Ban for its ongoing achievements in successful branding!


Click here to read the full article from Inspiration Feed.

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