How Color Impacts Your Brand

There is a definite psychology when it comes to how we perceive and take in colors. Different colors have different connotations that make us feel a certain way when we see them. Think about the sense of peace you experience when you look out over a true-blue ocean horizon or the vibrant freshness you feel while deep in a forest surrounded by a million shades of green.

The impact colors can have on us also extends into the business world. Your brand’s colors can have a negative or positive impact on your company’s perception—depending on what you’re hoping to convey. For example, you wouldn’t use bright reds and yellows in the logo of a luxurious day spa because those colors don’t usually represent serenity, relaxation, and tranquility.

So, when it comes to selecting or changing your brand colors, you’ll want to consider what each color represents. This article has a fantastic infographic that breaks down the standard color perceptions and how you can use them to cast the best light on your company.

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