3 Hot Marketing Trends Right Now

by Sam R., Creative Director

1. Video

Once Facebook started automatically playing videos, a light bulb went off in a lot of marketers’ heads. What if we started packing our message into small, bite-size videos that consumers would definitely see and engage with?

Of course, Facebook would not play the sound – so the next obstacle was how to create video that would engage the user and deliver a message without sound. But restriction breeds creativity. So now videos on Facebook are creatively incorporating text into each clip to create anticipation.

When watching a video, we are always intrigued by what is next. Whether or not we care about the actual video content, closed captioning on a video can grab hold of our attention.

So invest in engaging videos on Facebook, and don’t forget to add closed captioning text to make sure the message is delivered if the user decides not the activate the sound. Facebook is giving priority to video content right now, so strike while the iron is hot and benefit from this trend.

2. Color

These days if you happen to see any ads – whether on TV, in a magazine, or otherwise – you’ll see that many big companies are investing a lot of marketing dollars owning a particular color. Just look at what T-Mobile or Sprint are doing. They are owning the colors magenta and yellow, respectively.

This has become a hot trend, for it has lasting effects psychologically. Once the company’s color usage becomes ubiquitous, you accept and associate it with the brand. For example, when you see the color magenta, you now automatically assume it is a T-Mobile marketing piece. So the moral of the story is: Pick a color and own it.

3. Educational Content

These days you’d be hard pressed to look anywhere without being bombarded with educational content that, more often than not, is provided free. Why, you ask? Well, once you get a taste, then you become interested to learn more.

This trend capitalizes on our thirst and curiosity to learn, and desire to become better at something, no matter who you are and what stage of life you are at. Marketers have taken notice, and are giving some content for free before asking you to pay for the rest.

This is like giving you a sample piece of chicken at the mall’s food court. If you are hungry and that chicken tastes good, guess what? You are going to get the meal – and enjoy it, too.

So generate as much free teaser content as you can muster, and start flooding all your exposure channels. There is someone out there who will be more than happy to consume what you are offering, and that will end up in building trust and fostering meaningful relationships.

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