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What is a brand?

Marstudio Info Series I All About Brands Part 3: What is a brand story?

by Marstudio Inc.

Storytelling has long been used to create emotional connections with an audience. Humans in particular have a great appreciation for storytelling and oftentimes spend money on its various forms, like music, poetry, or theatre. As a business, you can take advantage of society’s propensity for storytelling by creating a brand story.[…]


Marstudio Info Series I All About Brands Part 2: Why is a Strong Brand Important for Your Business?

by Marstudio Inc.

Developing a brand is important, but making sure that your efforts are being invested towards a strong brand is perhaps even more so. It goes with the age-old saying (and Marstudio’s motto): If you are going to do it,[…]

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10 Tips for Using (Not Abusing) Stock Photography

by Marstudio Inc.

It’s 2013 and, for some unknown reason, some people still find the need to use the worst possible stock photography on the internet. In a time when the internet has endless options and there’s amazing affordable photography out there, there is no longer any excuse to use awful and weird images.[…]

Answers to a Design Student’s Questions

by Marstudio Inc.

We often get emails from students around the country who are interested in what we do and interested in joining the Graphic Designer ranks. We do our best to reply to them and give them as much insight into our field as possible.[…]

Type guide

Why Should You Care About Typography?

by Marstudio Inc.

Interested in typography or the different types of fonts? We recently found this really useful infographic on Co.Design that lays out the basics of typography. Whether you’re a designer, client, a student formatting your resume, or a curious person walking down the street, […]

Graphic design

So…what is graphic design, anyway?

by Marstudio Inc.

We come across many people who are intrigued by and curious about our work, but aren’t quite sure exactly what is we “do.” And since graphic design and marketing are such broad fields, it can be tough to narrow down a precise definition.[…]


What You Could Do with An Extra Two Hours

by Marstudio Inc.

If only we could bottle up our “free time” and have two extra hours laying around to be productive, create, think, or accomplish. We all have goals that get pushed to the back burner because we don’t have time or don’t make time.[…]

best website designs

What the Best Website Designs Have in Common

by Marstudio Inc.

We constantly find ourselves asking, “What makes a website great?”. Since all websites are created for different industries, companies, audiences, and purposes, it’s hard to narrow down the reasons that make the successful ones, well, successful.

There are tons of sites out there that claim to be a collection of the “best”[…]