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Five Misconceptions About Graphic Design

by Sam R.

I’ve been in the graphic design arena for more than three decades now, and I’ve seen my share of myths and misconceptions in this field. Design plays a crucial role in the success of any business, small or large, but I often hear it dismissed as effortless or even unnecessary.[…]


Brand Management Is Everything in 2016

by Marstudio Inc.

Think that brand and image trump product? Well, according to this Inc. article, Why Brand Management Will Be Crucial In 2016, you might be on to something. How consumers view a company can and will impact your bottom line—read the full article to find out why.[…]

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Best Brand Re-Designs of 2015

by Marstudio Inc.

It takes a lot to overall haul a company’s design identity—and even more to make sure it’s an effective re-design. In Brand New’s The Best and Worst Identities of 2015, Part 2: The Best Reviewed they take side-by-side comparison of some of the best company re-designs and explain what it is that makes them work so well.[…]

brand re-design

Worst Brand Re-Designs of 2015

by Marstudio Inc.

Despite starting a complete brand re-design project with the best intentions, overhauling a company’s identity can result in complete disaster. In Brand New’s The Best and Worst Identities of 2015, Part 3: The Worst Reviewed they take a look at where 2015 re-designs fell completely flat.[…]

Marstudio by the numbers 2015

Marstudio by the Numbers in 2015

by Marstudio Inc.

How do you measure a year? In infographics! As we look back over the past 12 months, the Marstudio team is proud of the number of awards we’ve won, surprised at the amount of swag we gave away at trade shows,[…]

coolest offices of 2015

Coolest Offices of 2015

by Marstudio Inc.

Offices have come a long way since the days of gray carpeting and closed-off cubicles. These days, many businesses have been ditching the stuffiness of old school siloed offices in favor of fun, yet functional, employee workspaces. Inc. explores a few of their favorite layouts from 2015 in this article.[…]


Design Projects that Inspired Us in 2015

by Sam R.

In 2015, two projects really captured the entire Marstudio team’s attention. One was done by Pentagram, and the other by Michael Beirut, who happens to be a Pentagram partner.

Here’s a look at the two design projects:

New visual identity for MIT Media Lab | Pentagram

The MIT Media Lab is a very unique department at the storied university.[…]

website design

How Exciting is Your Company’s Web Design?

by Marstudio Inc.

Design may be in the eye of the beholder—but what happens when technology uncovers how the beholder is really seeing your website? That’s what this Forbes article discusses by reviewing a new Berlin-based virtual AI startup called EyeQuant.[…]

creating a brand with character

Creating a Brand with Character

by Marstudio Inc.

You may be able to build a flashy brand or one that’s eye-catching and visually appealing, but building a brand that has character is another story entirely. It’s something that Nike has managed to do throughout the years and something your company can also achieve.[…]