7 Decades of Anonymity is No More for Carmen Herrera.

by Marstudio Inc.

Seven decades of anonymity unravels for Carmen Herrera when she sells her first painting for $50,000. Now every museum and gallery in the world is scrambling to get their hands on her minimalist paintings. She used to paint in peace and enjoy the lifestyle of an anonymous artist but her work is just too good to be kept a secret any longer.[…]

Alexa Meade Making Paintings Come Alive!

by Marstudio Inc.

A few months ago we were privileged enough to be exposed to Alexa Meade’s incredible art. Eventhough the finished product mesmerized us, we were more blown away by here ingenious and innovative implementation. What she is doing is not that new as far as technique is concerned.[…]

Who is Going to Win the Smartphone War?

by Sam R.

According to James Altucher of the Formula Capital Apple and Google will win the smartphone wars. It seems like BlackBerry and the rest of the smartphone manufacturers are going to loose market share rapidly.

Altucher believes that computing has become to most sought after feature that the users of smartphones are looking for these days.[…]

Why is this taking so long?

by Marstudio Inc.

We all have had to deal with waiting at some point or another. We sit in traffic. We wait in checkout lines. We wait for stuff to download. But, we are getting more impatient as days go by and “I want it now” syndrome is slowly creeping into our lives and taking hold of our actions and emotions.[…]

Xfinity Rolling Out iPad App to Control TV Content

by Marstudio Inc.

The emergence of the iPad as an entertainment hub is undeniable. Apple has long been a trend setter for the industry and everyone so far has been playing catch up. It’s true that all competitors come up with gadgets that boast better performance and more features,[…]

Beautiful Design of the Week: August Website

by Marstudio Inc.

August has been featured in a variety of different design blogs and top website design rankings numerous times so we decided to take a closer look and find out how it stands out from its peers and why the design seems so timeless and pleasing.[…]

Passiontolive: Going Beyond what Camera Captures

by Marstudio Inc.

I recently attended Ben Passiontolive’s photography show, Sunday Sessions, at the L2 Lounge in Washington, DC. The event was organized by Art Soiree, an organization with a goal to showcase emerging talent in the visual arts, short film, music, and performance arts.[…]

Beautiful Design of the Week: Veerle’s Blog

by Marstudio Inc.

Here at Marstudio we go gaga over beautiful design. We sift through so many bad designs on a daily basis that when we come across a design that has creativity, a sense of color, austerity of composition and great content to go with all that,[…]

Zack Snyder Sucker Punches with Great Style!

by Marstudio Inc.

First came 300. Then the world was semi saved by the Watchmen. And now Sucker Punch is hear to mesmerize our senses. Zack Snyder’s repertoire is getting better and better with every motion picture. He has an amazing talent for creating visual spectacles that transport the viewer into an exaggerated version of the world.[…]