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The “Anti-Marketing” of Beyonce’s Newest Album and Why It Works

by Marstudio Inc.

By now you have heard about Beyoncé’s latest release. BEYONCÉ, a self-titled visual album, dropped in the early hours of December 13th. The album was not preceded by any kind of marketing push, and everyone is talking about it. Typically a pop star’s new album is supported by a multi million-dollar marketing campaign which is implemented prior to the release of the album in order to generate buzz.[…]


Marketing Hurdles for The Hunger Games

by Marstudio Inc.

Once again, the pent-up excitement for The Hunger Games has been collectively released with the arrival of the second installment of the trilogy. Catching Fire grossed $161.1 million domestically during its opening weekend (earning the position of largest domestic opening in November) and $146.6 million internationally.[…]


7Eleven’s Rebrand: A Healthy Initiative or Superficial Ploy?

by Marstudio Inc.

7Eleven has refreshed its 43-year-old logo and completely revamped the interior design of over 500,000 stores. No longer is the convenience mart marked by orange, green, and red stripes and large, garish advertisements. The company, like many others, has jumped on the “health-conscious”[…]



by Marstudio Inc.

London’s BIPR aims to become a “world-leading centre for research in infectious diseases” by combining the newest pathogen research, experimental medicine, and clinical development and finding treatments for diseases that cause millions of deaths each year. The Institute focuses on the research of three types of infectious agents- bacteria,[…]


WTOP’s Clever New Bus Ads Stand Out on DC Area Streets

by Marstudio Inc.

When WTOP, “Washington’s all-news radio station”, approached Marstudio in need of a bus advertisement that went above and beyond the accepted norm in the Nation’s capital, we dove headfirst into our research.

It is well known that the most important aspect of mobile advertising—as with other forms of advertising—is engagement.[…]

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The Trendy World of Creative Milk Packaging

by Marstudio Inc.

The classic paper milk carton was introduced in the 1950’s and 1960’s to address changing production needs. The use of disposable paper, as opposed to glass, was cheaper and the rectangular shape allowed for easier transport. Now, 60 years later,[…]


Why is it that most pharmaceutical drug logos are terrible?

by Marstudio Inc.

At one point or another you have been the target of pharmaceutical ads that attempt to inspire you to run straight to your doctor’s office to ask for a certain drug. The ad asks “Do you ever feel like blah blah blah?”[…]

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Ray-Ban: Rebranding For Another 75 Years of Success

by Marstudio Inc.

What is the key to a strong, everlasting brand? It’s simple! REBRANDING.

Large corporate companies that have effectively and regularly adapted their brands to current social and cultural trends are proven to continue their success for years to come.[…]

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LOGO OF THE WEEK // Ebay’s New Look

by Marstudio Inc.

The recent re-brand of one of the world’s largest online marketplaces definitely caught our attention this week. Released in October, Ebay’s new logo has created some buzz in the design world—but not in a positive way. The company was attempting to create a fresh,[…]