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Sam Speech 10

The Almighty Brand: A Marstudio Presentation

by Marstudio Inc.

Recently Marstudio’s Vice President and Creative Director, Sam Rooeintan, had the opportunity to speak at the University of Maryland College Park campus to a group of graphic design students. In his presentation, titled The Almighty Brand, Sam lectured on the intersection of graphic design,[…]


Marstudio at the 2013 PrimeLEADER Conference

by Marstudio Inc.

Last week, Marstudio participated in Greenway’s PrimeLEADER conference at the Gaylord Hotel located at the National Harbor.

The three day event gives healthcare professionals the opportunity to meet with peers, innovators, and leaders in their field.[…]

Ray-Ban Ad

Ray-Ban: Rebranding For Another 75 Years of Success

by Marstudio Inc.

What is the key to a strong, everlasting brand? It’s simple! REBRANDING.

Large corporate companies that have effectively and regularly adapted their brands to current social and cultural trends are proven to continue their success for years to come.[…]

logo design, branding

LOGO OF THE WEEK // Ebay’s New Look

by Marstudio Inc.

The recent re-brand of one of the world’s largest online marketplaces definitely caught our attention this week. Released in October, Ebay’s new logo has created some buzz in the design world—but not in a positive way. The company was attempting to create a fresh,[…]

logo design, branding design for museum of london

LOGO OF THE WEEK // Museum of London

by Marstudio Inc.

Our logo this week comes from a collection of logos sent to us by a friend of Marstudio’s. The compilation is of 30 different logos that all have some sort of hidden meaning when you look more closely, and we chose our favorite to highlight as the logo of the week.[…]

Mareiner Holz

LOGO OF THE WEEK // Mareiner Holz Identity Re-design

by Marstudio Inc.

Great branding can really take your breath away. This week’s best logo comes all the way from Vienna, Austria and is absolutely stunning. Moodley Brand Identity has done some great work, but our favorite piece of theirs is a recent rebrand of Mareiner Holz,[…]

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MARSTUDIO UPDATE // Potomac Physicians Associates’ Colorful New Branding

by Marstudio Inc.

Potomac Physicians Associates’ colorful new branding is complete! After much deliberation, we have delivered what we think is a very cool, unique new logo design to our client, PPA. Here at Marstudio, we had explored countless options for this new brand and ultimately,[…]

Marstudio Promo Video screenshot

Marstudio Promotional Video is Up!

by Marstudio Inc.

We are back on the blog bandwagon and have some incredible new projects to share with the world. What better way to showcase our hottest work than with a gorgeous promotional video? Check it out!

comedy central logo black

Comedy Central Rebrands.

by Sam R.

I was watching Comedy Central this weekend and I noticed that something was a little off. The small logo on the bottom of my TV screen had suddenly changed to a copyright sign. I wondered a little but then it dawned on me that it was the new logo for the network.[…]